Simply treating the disease without treating the cause inevitably leads to more symptoms and new diseases. This results in more disability and more expense (financial as well as personal suffering). The underlying metabolic disturbance that led to the symptoms or disease must be addressed and treated. Due to the unique nature of each person, Dr. Lorentzen ensures that therapy is individualized to treat the whole person.


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As one of the nation's foremost experts on Endocrine Imbalances and Bioidentical Hormones

(plant-based hormones), Dr. Lorentzen has helped countless women and men across the

country get balanced naturally. It’'s amazing to experience life without the symptoms caused

by a hormonal imbalance.


The practice uses an integrated approach to evaluate and treat individuals referred to the clinic.

The evaluation and treatment plan includes a detailed internal medicine assessment with an

emphasis on risk modification. Patients and their referring physician(s) (where applicable) are

given specific recommendations with regard to medical therapy and recommendations concerning

diagnostic work-up.


Lifestyle modification, nutritional counseling, and prevention are emphasized as a vital part of each treatment plan.The primary focus, though certainly not limited to, is the evaluation and symptom relief for men and women with the following endocrine imbalances:


*  Bioidentical Hormone Replacement

*  PMS- (perimenopause and menopause) 

*  Andropause (low testosterone levels)

*  Thyroid evaluation and management

*  Insulin resistance

*  Osteoporosis and arthritis  

*  Other common health concerns such as depression, chronic fatigue, chronic headaches, memory and

    concentration problems, joint pain and muscle stiffness, weight gain, nutritional deficiencies/imbalances,

   gastrointestinal disturbances, and food allergies/sensitivities

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