Internal Medicine PC, Dr. Jean Lorentzen, West Des Moines IA

Our Policies


Internal Medicine PC is not like a normal doctor's office where you meet with the doctor for ten minutes and are promptly shuffled through the door to go home.  Dr. Lorentzen takes as much time as needed to assess your personal medical situation and determine what tests are needed to make informed medical decisions.  Most often, this is much more in-depth than insurance companies are willing to deal with—that's just the nature of insurance companies.  For this reason, the practice operates on a fee-for-service basis. Which means that you are asked to pay at the time of service and then submit all medical paperwork from our office to your insurance. We will gladly give you all the proper forms from our office that are required to file with your insurance company.  Again, insurance plans are not submitted from our office and we also do not participate in Medicare or Medicaid. The amount of reimbursement will vary depending on your insurance carrier and the type of policy. We suggest that you contact your insurance company concerning the potential for reimbursement. 



We understand there may be some instances where you will need to cancel or reschedule your appointment time. It's very important that we are given as much advance notices as possible.  If you are a new patient, we schedule a two hour appointment, while returning patients are scheduled for an hour.  So, if you cancel without notice, than another patient with a medical condition would not have been able to be seen by Dr. Lorentzen, and her valuable time would be compromised.  Since these appointments are much longer than the average medical appointments, we ask that new patients provide a notice of 3 business days and returning patients provide 2 business days.  We realize that emergencies happen and unforeseen circumstances arise and if something of that nature occurs we will waive our normal fee of $75.00 for a missed appointment.  However, we hope that you understand how critical it is,  due to the time that Dr. Lorentzen spends with each patient, that we charge a fee for not providing proper notice for cancellations of appointments.



Again, we do ask our patients to pay at time of your appointment. The office accepts cash, check and VISA, Discover and Master Card. We do have an additonal 3% credit card fee, and additional fees may apply. Fees are subject to change without prior notification.