Internal Medicine PC, Dr. Jean Lorentzen, West Des Moines IA

"I have been lucky enough to have Dr. Lorentzen as my doctor for over ten years.  When I first became her patient, my hormones were totally unbalanced and I felt terrible, both mentally and physically.  She was dedicated to helping me get my body healed and operating the way it was supposed to, which in turn also helped me mentally . . .  because I finally felt GREAT for the first time in years.  I am constantly recommending Dr. Lorentzen to my friends, because she cares about her patients!"                               

                                                           Pat Theilking







"I was told about Dr. Lorentzen when we were seeking additional consultation for my daughter's thyroid issues.  I was immediately impressed by Dr Lorentzen and how she delved into the various factors affecting my daughter's history and medical issues.  She provided a comprehensive treatment plan that addressed numerous medical and other life-style aspects, which resulted in a tremendous improvement in how my daughter felt.  Since then, I and my other teenage daugher have been seeing Dr. Lorentzen for thyroid and other women's health-related-issues.  It is apparent that Dr Lorentzen regards every patient as an individual entity that comes with their own unique set of health related issues and provides you solutions for relief.  We have been spoiled by Dr. Lorentzen and the skilled, compassionate, and life-changing treatment she has provided our family.  I believe she epitomizes the best of what the medical profession offers today!"

                                                        Theresa Kouri


"Dr. Lorentzen is the most amazing doctor.  You will not find a better advocate for your health. She will do everything in her power to find solutions that are right solely for you. . . no matter how long it takes!"


                                                                  Kristine Meldrum